A Bookkeeper helps to maintain the financial records of a company or organization. Bookkeepers are highly detail-oriented people to keep up with your company’s expenditures, payroll, tax requirements, etc. airisX Bookkeepers are up to date with modern accounting software systems, such as: Xero, Quickbooks, ZipBooks, and others, as well as traditional methods of accounting (like Quicken and even Excel).

What does an airisX Bookkeeper do?

Bookkeeping is a detailed process of recording and managing daily transactions accurately. It is a very important piece to building financially successful businesses.

Your bookkeeper’s daily responsibilities could consists of:

  • Keeping track of daily financial transactions.
  • Making and receiving payments.
  • Producing Invoices.
  • Managing and balancing bank accounts.
  • Payroll processing.
  • Managing general ledger.
  • Maintaining account payment history.

Here are some ways that an airisX Bookkeepers can help your business:

  • Reduce accounting costs: If you are using an accountant to manage your daily transactions and run your payroll, then you can save tons of money if you instead utilize a Bookkeeper from airisX.
  • Extra pair of eyes watching your cash flow: Keeping an eye on your cash flow is very important, since you, as a business owner, don’t want to run out of funds suddenly. Your Bookkeeper can do that for you!
  • Gives you access to vital figures: If an accountant manages your monthly business reports, there may be instances that you will need your reports and some financial information part-way through the month, but wouldn’t require your accountant.
  • Concentrate on your business: Running your business involves tracking fine figures and recording it in your accounting software. Bookkeepers from airisX can free you up from the day to day financial transaction entry, so you can focus on your business strategies.

Duties and Responsibilities


Bookkeepers prepare reports for auditing, account and tax, and financial history on a monthly or quarterly basis. Also, they are expected to make payments to service providers, issue account reimbursements, finish payrolls, and much more (even the dreaded “expense report”). airisX Bookkeepers handle your accounting tasks timely and accurately.


Being organized, trustworthy, and thorough with administrative tasks are a bookkeepers hallmark characteristics as they are responsible for handling company finances. Your bookkeeper must be responsible with each transaction, making sure that the funds are not misplaced or improperly allocated. Transaction receipts, financial documents, and reports must be logged and kept on file so there will be an explanation for every financial transaction. Bookkeeper’s work flow is steady, so they make sure that they can keep up with the administrative tasks and will not get behind on financial obligations, accounting demands, and paperwork.


Bookkeepers often meet with business owners to discuss budget needs, inventory demands, expenses, and so on. Having effective communication skills helps the bookkeeper know what purchases has been made, and enter all the transactions in the accounting software program. Bookkeepers are also responsible from procuring receipts from business employees, contractors, and vendors.

Skills of an airisX Bookkeeper

Technology educated

  • The world today is run by advanced technology, and our bookkeepers are familiar with the latest in advances in accounting software. Keeping up with innovations and having knowledge on new softwares gives them a definite advantage.
  • Troubleshooting skills to track down and locate inaccuracies in the data that flows through the system.

Strong communication

  • airisX Bookkeepers communicate and work alongside different teams to get the job done, both internally to your company, and externally.
  • airisX Bookkeepers possesses not only excellent verbal communication skills, but also excellent writing skills.

Accounting knowledge and education

  • airisX Bookkeepers also handle basic accounting tasks, so our Bookkeepers posses proper knowledge and education in accounting and similar business fields.


  • airisX Bookkeepers are accurate and pay attention to every details.
  • Problem analysis and making very minimal to no mistake is what an airisX bookkeeper always provide.


  • Bookkeepers work with a lot of unrefined and unorganized data, if the bookkeeper doesn’t have a sense of being organized they will waste a lot of time.

Bookkeeping is a very crucial job for it is one of the key factors to a successful business. As a business owner, you wouldn’t want your files to be unorganized, your financial transaction history not tracked, and your data inaccurate but, you also wouldn’t want to trust the job to any other person. Trust is crucial in choosing the right bookkeeper, and airisX is the company to provide you a trustworthy and dependable bookkeeper.

Trust and confidence goes hand in hand and airisX bookkeepers will both gain your trust and give you confidence that your business is in good hands because our Bookkeepers work directly from within our secure centers with local management and CCTV security systems that will ensure that your financial information is secured as it can be.


airisX has solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation with us, so go ahead and