airisX supports non-profits with special rates to help the organization reach their goals, whether the need is donation drives, event coordination, or daily business operations cost reductions for more efficient use of donated capital. Non-profits often operate with very tight operations budget, so the outsourced solutions model can decrease administration costs to increase the direct spending on the organization’s core mission.

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airisX has inbound and outbound Donation Solicitation Specialists that can reach out to new or existing donors to ensure you meet your funding goals. As well, our teams can help your organization reach further donations via Social Media, E-mail Marketing, Advertisements and other modern methods.

Virtual Assistant

Research and Virtual Assistants can help your existing staff be more productive by moving non-core functions to a lower cost outsourced solution. Let your Virtual Assistant follow-up with contacts, manage your inbox, perform qualification of donors, answer questions and more. Multiply your effective hours per day through our outsourced Virtual Assistants.


Business Analysts and Accountants

Reporting and Compliance can sap a non-profit of its moral and increase administration costs across the board. From bookkeeping, to record keeping, to compliance reporting completion, our Business Analysts and Accountants can streamline the processes of maintaining your non-profit.

Events Coordinators

Events Coordinators can help plan, setup and manage your events, whether they are massive fundraising conferences or simple Webinars. Our team of event experts can manage your invitations, ensuring that all your best donors are included and have responded their intentions. Additionally, they can manage travel and hotel arrangements for your guests, or set-up and manage the online conference, questions and so on.

Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers can manage your social media presence so that you are always in communication with your donors and fans. Keeping your followers up-to-date on the organization’s successes can lead to more engagement, better donations, and the ability to manage your brand at every touch point.

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