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Outbound Sales refers to a Sales Agent making outbound (outgoing) sales calls to your prospects, engaging with potential clients on the lead list, and clients who have shown previous interest to what your business is offering. Most often, Sales Representatives engage the clients that have previously demonstrated demand for a product by engaging with a brand’s content, filling out a lead form, emailing your business, or making a previous call to your business.

Building trust

Sales is one of the most crucial parts of business. Without strong sales, any business will fail. Good sales will give your business growth, expansion, and overall success. To have good sales, you should have a good sales person.

Making a sale face-to-face is not the only option available to businesses these days. Technology has made the sales aspects of growing your business both easier and harder. Easier because it lets you communicate with your clients faster; harder as the competition does this too! There’s a wide variety of ways to make a sale – from making calls, social media, digital media, and much more!

airisX Outbound Sales is ready to give your business a boost when it comes to sales, as we have the best outbound sales representatives that make your outbound sales better.

Types of Outbound Sales agents airisX has:

Sales Development Reps

  • Sales development reps do the outbound prospecting and build the list of the leads to call. Although they sometimes do cold call these leads, most of the time they reach out through social media or emails first to establish a connection. Sales Development Reps have the task of creating a new opportunity rather than closing the deals. This saves top closers the trouble of having to prospect for their own leads. By only selling to qualified sales leads, account executives can maximize the amount of revenue they close per quarter.

Lead Response Reps

  • Like Sales Development Reps, Lead Response Reps are in charge of creating new opportunities for account executives. They also do outbound calls to leads that demonstrated a demand by attending to a webinar, downloading a video, reading a blog or filling out a form. These reps work with leads to set-up a specific time to discuss your company’s products and services. This allows your top sales people to have scheduled calls with qualified leads pre-scheduled to maximize their time and efforts.

B2B Vs B2C Outbound Sales

B2B Outbound Sales for companies

  • In business-to-business (B2B) sales, the sales representative sells to members of your prospected companies. Generally the sales cycle takes longer and closing the deal requires multiple touchpoints. B2B sales reps follow up leads and will customarily call leads that either they, or another rep, have dialed before. These reps will log their activities in CRM tools that are vital for B2B sales reps so that the other team members and management know the status of the leads in real-time.

B2C Outbound Sales for companies

  • Business-to-consumer sales reps for companies usually sell lower ticket items, and sales are more transnational. B2C companies, for example, are those who sell time shares, stocks, products and services, insurance policies, and much more to general consumers. Sales reps for a B2C company tend to dial longer compared to those who are working for B2B, since B2B prospecting tends to be more time consuming and less emotional.

Our Outbound sales agent are more productive, as they are equipped the right tools. airisX always makes sure that your agents have enough information, knowledge, and the right tools to do the job. Our agents work from your list, or we can assist in procuring a targeted list for your needs, to contact potential clients.

Tools for Outbound Sales Reps

Voicemail Automation

  • Leaving a voicemail to a potential client is time consuming. Voicemail automation helps outbound sales reps to leave a recorded voice message with a single click.

Click to dial from CRMs

  • Outbound sales reps use CRM tools often adopt to click-to-dial solution specially when they are using lead list views in their CRMs.

Auto dialers

  • Outbound sales agents often have quotas on how many outbound calls they are required to made in a day, week, or month. Because of these quotas, outbound sales adopts and uses predictive dialers or refractive dialers that can maximize the amount of leads that they can dial in a particular day to keep up with the quotas. airisX has partnerships with a number of auto dialer solutions, or we can work with your existing one.

Local presence dialer

  • Leads from within a local area with local area codes are proven to have more answer rates than those who have been dialed using toll-free or long distance numbers. Local presence dialers can radically improve connection rates of the agents by letting the reps dial leads using a number with local phone number.

Keeping your business active and growing is our business. That is why airisX ensures that you are provided with only the best outbound sales agents there are.


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