Selling In the Home Kitchen Category


You might not know it, but the home kitchen is one of the most frequently used places in your house. When we return from work, this is the first place we visit so we can prepare our dinner. In the morning when we wake up, this is also the first place we go to for preparing the breakfast for our kids and spouse. In certain cases, we entertain our visitors in our home kitchen. For this reason, it should be as organized and appealing as possible.

Home kitchens have evolved over the years. In the early years, home kitchens only had a stove, sink with running water, a refrigerator, and worktops. Now, we see home kitchens with microwave ovens, lighting setup, and dining areas. A new survey by ReportLinker revealed that cooking at home is still the preferred way to prepare a meal for 98% of Americans. The survey further revealed that 22% of Americans are driven to their kitchens because it is not only cheaper but also healthier.

However, fueling their love for cooking and healthy habits can become a hassle for many homeowners. Given the plethora of home kitchen solutions, finding the right one for your need can become a little bit daunting. This is where airisX comes in. We can help make finding the right home kitchen ecommerce solution less daunting for you. From cooking up your own coffee to your own new utensil and flatware designs and products, we have the solution to your problem.

The home kitchen category is hot on all the ecommerce platforms and a great niche for a seller to operate in. There are tons of possible products to sell, and new innovative products can make a big splash allowing for excellent return on investment:


At airisX, we take care of our clients. Our staff are trained and fully equipped to address and provide you with the best seller services. Problems with shipping? Need to change shipping addresses? No worries, your customer service team from airisX has got you covered. Need higher end Product Analysts, Business Analysts, or Project Managers, we do that too! Our desire is to make you and your customers happy. We have a dedicated account specialist who will handle your needed solution and address them accordingly.

Product Sourcing

airisX works with some of the best suppliers throughout Asia in the home kitchen space, some of which utilize our Staffing solutions as well. While you can simply do a search for your desired home kitchen product, the results can become overwhelming. At airisX, we connect you to the right supplier after determining your order budget and requirements.


airisX employs a team who can help design your new product, prototype options, and create/package your item. Our team bridges the cultural and business process divide between the west and the east. Whether you manufacture in our facilities, or through our partner factories, we ensure high quality output.


airisX is built on the cornerstone of getting our products to customers efficiently. We work with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), but if you have needs beyond this solution, we maintain 45,000 square feet of mixed use warehouse space between our 2 facilities in the Midwest and East Coast of the US allowing for low cost storage and manpower with consistent shipping times and costs throughout North America. Our facility is fully climate controlled and serviced daily by all major carriers and shipping services. Our fulfillment services were designed from the ground up to support ecommerce sellers of all sizes across any platform. It is fully integrated into our full ecommerce solution or as a standalone product.


airisX has a comprehensive ecommerce lifecycle solution. We have the capability to provide end-to-end experience or a-la-carte according to your needs. We can bring together all the services a business could need to operate in one complete offering.  We enable sellers to source for the supplier and the right manufacturer, run daily operations, and allow you to build the business you want.



airisX has solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation with us, so go ahead and