airisX has a comprehensive ecommerce lifecycle solution, able to provide an end-to-end experience, or a-la-carte as the client needs. airisX is the only company to bring together all the services a business could need to operate in one complete offering. We are able to take a client from idea to operations. airisX works with product, services and software companies to bring their vision to the world. Note that airisX can manufacture much more than just simple goods. The complete solution works very similar for software projects, textiles and clothing, and consumables, such as supplements and food stuffs.
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airisX can take your sketches or description and turn that into a design that meets your requirements. Our product and software designers take your idea, input and documents to create a polish design specification and bill of materials, providing valuable feedback and design suggestions during the process. The sourcing team then is able to source all required components and provide an estimated quote with minimum order and cost scaling.


Your product, once verified by prototype, is created in a small test batch to verify functionality, assembly process, and fit and form to ensure the build quality is at airisX standards and incorporate any last minute changes exposed via the manufacturing process. On sign-off, the manufacturing team will create, assemble, test and package your product for delivery worldwide.



The logistics team can deliver your product and goods to our in-house storage facilities, or directly to your own solution, including Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). Freight from the point of manufacture to the destination location can be included in any quote, allowing our team of global logistics experts to ensure your shipping and delivery go quickly and efficiently. There are many options for delivery, depending on the source and destination, such as ground, local delivery, major shipping channels, customs brokerage and freight forwarding, airfreight and more. Whether you are arranging stock for next quarter or have an urgent order that needs immediate turn around, airisX will get the job done.


During the design and prototype phase, airisX Branding team works with the client to build a company brand, we have worked with clients on Kickstarter and campaigns to prove market fit. Our experts have built brands from the ground up, including messaging, style guides and complete outreach and customer acquisition across all channels. Even if your company is just adding another product to an existing line, we can empower your product launch and drive new and existing customers to your sales funnel.


Our ecommerce team oversees the day-to-day operations of your internal and platform stores, managing inventory, sales, on-going advertising and ensuring that product is selling per the desired metrics, and delivered to customers on time. airisX has a fulfillment center located in the US Midwest that it can utilize to deliver products to your clients, and works with all the major fulfillment solutions, such as FBA. Your ecommerce marketplace manager and team monitors reviews and support issues for any indication that clients are not completely satisfied with your product and reports issues and suggestions back to the design and manufacturing teams


Our ecommerce experts can build a storefront for your products, and launch your product on various ecommerce platforms, such as Amazon Marketplace, Walmart Marketplace, Shopify, eBay and niche sites to reach your target market wherever they buy. Our ecommerce resources are experienced selling to an international market and can launch your product globally on platforms you may not even be aware existed!


The sale is not the end of the relationship. airisX support teams monitor all customer submitted inquires regarding your product and respond back with a fix or further information within acceptable timeframes. This ensures that customers receive a resolution to their issue, and are less likely to leave poor reviews, but also most platforms monitor support engagement and rank suppliers accordingly. A great support team can esnure your product maintain its overall positive brand, while actually boosting marketplace rankings


airisX has solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation with us, so go ahead and