Getting your product efficiently to your customer is the cornerstone of a product business. airisX works with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), but if you have needs beyond this solution, we maintain 45,000 sq.ft. of mixed use warehouse space in the Midwest of the US, allowing for low cost storage and manpower with consistent shipping times and costs throughout North America (equidistant transit times to both coasts). Our professional secured facility is fully climate controlled. It is serviced daily by all major carriers and shipping services.

airisX Fulfillment services were designed from the ground up to support ecommerce sellers of all sizes, across any platform. Fulfillment is fully integrated into our full ecommerce solutions, or available as a standalone product.

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Fulfillment By Amazon is a very popular method of fulfillment used by many of our e-commerce clients. Our ecommerce specialists are well versed in utilizing Amazon’s FBA for the most efficient operations.

Merchant Fulfilled

When selling on Amazon, or many of the e-commerce solutions, many clients still prefer to handle their fulfillment (Amazon calls this “merchant fulfilled solutions”). airisX has the capability to handle your inventory and ship it to customers throughout North America. Our pricing is based on time and material, and you can choose to use one of our shipping partners, or bring your own solution. This solution can be especially good for those that have had problems with FBA in the past, are recovering from an Amazon negative action and do not have access to FBA, or utilize an in-house or other e-commerce solution. Additionally, the airisX facility can handle non-standard, oversized, and other products that do not fit well within the FBA model.

Overflow and Excess Storage

In the lead up to the busy holiday season, clients can utilize the airisX facility to maintain their excess inventory, and chose to back-fill FBA from our facility rather than carry a large costly inventory in Amazon’s FBA at all times. This can be especially helpful to backfill multiple Amazon locations from a single point without time consuming models of geographic demand. Additionally, once the holidays are finished, or when products cease to sell constantly, the airisX facility is a low cost option for bulk storage rates while the excess inventory is being liquidated. This can help trim costs for discontinued or slow selling inventory.

Return Center

Many sellers have no physical location, or do not want to deal with international shipping on returns. Our return center can receive your goods, verify the customer concern and either store the product, dispose, or attempt to fix in-house and return to your available inventory for sale. Our Midwest location provides an equidistant return location for clients. Returns can be visually inspected for improper use and abnormal wear and tear. When a product has been returned, it can be repackaged for resale.

Repair Center

Our repair center can utilize your design specs to make minor repairs to defective equipment, or to attempt a root cause analysis of the flaw for the design and manufacturing. This service is especially useful when manufacturing services are also handled by airisX, ensuring immediate feedback to the manufacturing team in China to quickly adjust future issues, or make an immediate change to the existing product if there is an engineering level design. Our repair center technicians are able to do a full unit breakdown, visually inspect the return, test various aspects, and if possible basic repairs can be completed to refurbish the unit for resale or other purpose.


airisX has solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation with us, so go ahead and