Branding, Marketing and Social Media are a the pathways to showcase your company’s values to your customers. airisX helps our clients craft the right omni-channel messaging through innovative marketing and outreach efforts. With airisX your can get more than just clients, you can get rabid fans that share and spread your product or service far beyond traditional marketing alone. Our experts range from the hottest new social app to tried and tested traditional marketing.

Brands are more than a name; they represent a way of living to your customers. Let us help you craft the right branding message and then follow it up with excellent marketing efforts.

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The right branding is everything. Our clients often come to us thinking that a brand is just a name. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, good brands evoke emotions and imagery that extend far beyond the immediate product. We work with our clients to transfer their values into a brand and experience that creates an immediate impression with consumers. And as that brand gains exposure, we’ve build and tune it to grow and evolve with you.

Whether you are just launching, or want to make sure your messaging is on point across your entire organization, airisX has the team of specialist to build a complete and cohesive brand strategy you can utilize across every channel of your customer interaction. Our teams in New York, Barcelona, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong are able to leverage their knowledge of local trends and top shelf design, while accessing airisX Task and Staff services for cost effectiveness. You get a world-class Brand strategy and implementation at a substantial savings over conventional firms.


Digital Marketing

Get the word out there on your latest innovative product or your big planned promotion. Through our social media services, you can reach well beyond your existing customer base and allow for word-of-mouth and viral marketing to play its role in building your brand. We leverage a returns based approach, monitoring the successfulness of any campaign against our client’s goals, whether that is raw sales, increases in Customer Satisfaction, Brand Reach and Awareness, or any other metric our clients wish.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensures your site is available on Search Engines to those looking for your brand. Our team of digital marketing experts can optimize your website and copy to ensure your keyword usage is targeted to your audience. Additionally, getting your products showcased well within e-commerce marketplaces can take a nuanced approached. Amazon marketplace is our specialty and we help clients maximize their sales efforts

Social Media

Create a seamless channel for customers to show their support and share the way they use your products. Leverage social media to get your name out there. Make marketing blasts a breeze. Our Social Media teams are versed in all the latest Social trends, and experienced on the platforms you use to connect with your audience, whether that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, WeChat or any of the many other sites. As well, our team actively monitors Private Messages and responses to posts, weeding out spam and assisting followers with questions or concerns proactively.


airisX advertising teams can drive traffic and buyers to your site or product listing. We work with Google Adsense, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn and other ad networks to ensure that your ads are in front of your potential buyers. There are quite a few ways to utilize paid advertising and its best to have and expert in your field to help guide you to the best Return on Investment for advertising dollars spent. Let our teams show you how to multiply your revenue through the various advertising options available.

Inbound Sales

Supercharge your sales and close rates by having a 24×7 manned sales queue to answer inquiries from your sales leads in real time. Getting visitors to your site and desiring your product or services is hard enough, don’t lose the your opportunity due to a lack of availability. airisX

Outbound Sales

Outbound sales is key for any business, but outbound sales are frequently outsourced, due to large numbers of contacts. Our agents work from your list, or we can assist in procuring a targeted list for your needs, to contact potential clients. airisX can support English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese. Our staff can introduce your product and service to new potentials and opportunities in via your outbound campaign, tracking qualified leads via your CRM or one provided. Sales touch metrics, such as qualification, call schedule, close rate and more are often tracked for clients.

airisX has various options for agent-assisted automation, auto dialers, call recording, predictive dialing, and telecom solutions to meet the needs of a global customer base. Additionally, we have options for SMS marketing and other outbound sales methods beyond just standard phone calls.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience and Customer Support are often overlooked within Marketing efforts, which creates an opportunity for airisX clients. Our Branding, Marketing and Social Media plans often include a customer retention and ongoing happiness aspect. Once a customer has purchased your product and service, it is the perfect time to turn them from just a consumer to a fan.


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