airisX maintains significant staff and presence in the contract manufacturing hub of Shenzhen China. We help sellers and makers access the lower cost of Chinese manufacturing, while maintaining quality services. Our facility in Shenzhen is host to the majority of our manufacturing services, though we do have relationships globally for additional capacity and products.

Our Shenzhen, China facility hosts the many key activities.Each service can be utilized as a stand-alone service, or take advantage of the cost efficiencies of utilizing the airisX end-to-end service that can realize your vision from idea to product, including design, prototype to sourcing and manufacturing.

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  • Sourcing, Procurement and Logistics departments
  • Design and Fabrication teams
  • Plastic Injection molding floor
  • Complete assembly line, with packaging stations
  • Quality Control and Testing facility
  • China business services headquarters

Sourcing, Procurement and Logistics

No manufacturer is an island, and more than ever, today’s products require an intricate network of suppliers to bring together a completed Product. Our China Manufacturing Sourcing and Procurement teams can turn your Bill Of Materials into and actual delivery schedule to our assembly line, or to your existing contract manufacturer located anywhere globally. This team also ensures a smooth delivery from the factory to a multitude of shipping options to bring your product on-shore and into your Fulfillment pipeline.

Design and Fabrication

We have a full team of designers and engineers located at our facility in China. They are well versed in available capacity within our facilities, our network of contract manufacturers in China, and Chinese suppliers over-all to ensure your engineering designs and specifications can be completed as required. Our team works as an extension of your own engineering, able to suggest changes on the constantly changing landscape of manufacturing in China.

Furthermore, we have a network of engineering and manufacturing capabilities available beyond China, including a boutique footwear workshop in the Philippines, small batch product in the US, as well as supplements and other food processing on both the East and West coast of the States. We have yet to recieve a requirement that we have been unable to fill.

Contract Manufacturing

airisX maintains a China based manufacturing, assembly line and test facility for electronics, textiles and clothing, and consumer goods of all types. Our plastic injection molding floor can use standard or custom plastic blends to create your product in house. Our assembly line takes all the various components required to bring your product to life, then fully tests each unit before affixing it in your custom packaging to prepare it for export to its final destination. Since we inspect and test every unit, manufacturing flaws are quickly fixed in-situ or the sub-par product is discarded. airisX is proud of the quality we output, and ensure this shines through in lower than industry standard defective return rates.

airisX agreements stipulate we would never copy your product, make overruns for sale in the domestic market, or disclose your proprietary designs to anyone for any reason. Your molds, processes, and designs are archived at our facility for quick access for future production runs.

China Manufacturing Support

Working with Contract Manufacturing in China can be difficult, frustrating and time consuming. Sellers often do not receive the best price, as they don’t know how to properly negotiate within China. As well, when product is shipped directly to a fulfillment center, whether that is a manufacturer provided one, or FBA, problems can go undetected until negative reviews have already impacted sales and reputation. Flights to China can be long, difficult and expensive several times a year.

To this end, we highly recommend our own manufacturing services, but when you already have your a contract, airisX has a unique service where our Quality Control agents in Shenzhen act as your agent to monitor, audit and verify quality of all production runs before they are packaged for shipment. You get the piece of mind that your product is up to your standards and not surprised by cut corners or sub-par product.


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