airisX Staff provides full time resources for those that have grown beyond simple task outsourcing with Freelance resources, like airisX Task, or looking are looking to outsource new or existing resources to a more cost effective offshore team. Businesses today are tapping into lower costs and expanded skills globally, and airisX is your partner.
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Professional Centers

airisX maintains professional inbound, outbound and service centers globally, providing a full suite of languages (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin Cantonese) and regional skillset expertise. Our 24×7 centers are secured facilities with redundant power and telecom, and are monitored by CCTV. Experienced management is always on-site.


airisX has a specialized PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) contact center that is able to handle specialized support and other functions for financial institutions and the handling of sensitive Credit Card data.


airisX has a specialized HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) certified center for handling and safeguarding patient medical information. Our HIPAA center is able to work with Medical Professions, such as Hospitals, Medical Groups, and Insurers. You client’s information is safe and secure in our facilities, while maintaining your regulatory compliance. For more information and to schedule a discussion, please contact us.

Full time resources

Outsourced staff is dedicated to your company, not a shared resources, so you will have the same staff everyday to be part of your team and company. Whether you need a full time bookkeeper to stay on top of your accounting, invoicing and billing, or collections, or customer support or any other work that keeps you from working on growing your business, airisX has the expert staff you need.

Inclusive Pricing

airisX’s low costs are fully inclusive of recruiting, workstation, office space human resources, benefits and taxes, and all other costs. Don’t get surprised by other outsourcing company’s extra charges for office space, taxes, or benefits. airisX doesn’t charge the silent mark-up for just being a Western company found in the industry, we pass along the great rates available in off-shore staffing to our clients, meaning we are 25-65% less expensive than other similar services. Set-up a time to talk with our Solutions Experts and we will show you why so many use airisX.

Your Tools

airisX Staff is versed in most of the popular tools available in the market, such as ZenDesk, SalesForce, Google Apps, Hootsuite, MailChimp, HubSpot, Github, Slack, WordPress, Woocommerce, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon FBA and much more. airisX specialists can work in whatever tools empower your business.

Skills available

Available skills in are so wide and varied, we just cannot cover them all here. Check out the airisX Staff Case Studies for an overview on just a couple outsourced projects we have worked on. Your solution will vary, but it should give you a good idea of how airisX has built custom outsourced solutions from our small to large clients

  • Virtual assistants

    Virtual Assistants, or VA, are often generalist with a wide range of possible uses from travel booking and arrangement, research, reporting, Executive Assistant tasks, secretarial work, managing e-mail Inbox, calendar scheduling, transcription, note taking, content moderation, and much more.

  • Sales and Marketing

    Sales and Marketing: airisX has a full suite of marketing professionals available for you staffing. Lead List creation, Inbound, outbound, CRM. For a deep dive into airisX’s sales and marketing opportunities, see Growth.

  • Customer Experience

    airisX has omni-channel Customer Support Agents, able to support your customers no matter where they contact you: Web chat and text chat, In-App, Voice, E-mail, Social Media, and E-commerce Platforms. Our specialists can provide your clients with excellent service, technical, or sales support. In a world where your support points of contacts can easily be spread, it is always best to put your best foot forward, and airisX Staff can ensure that happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, tracked via CSAT and NPS. With our PCI DSS certified center, billing and credit card issues can be securely supported without worry.

  • Back Office

    One of the most common areas of outsourced staff, back office roles and tasks are the backbone of your company. Common outsourced roles here are Application Verification, Content Moderation, Fraud Prevention, Claims Processing, Transaction Monitoring, Compliance, Data Entry, Reporting, and more.

  • Medical

    Within our HIPAA certified facility, we are able to provide nurses, doctors, dentists, and insurance services. The Philippines is the world’s largest supplier of foreign-trained nurses with 429 nursing schools and 80,000 nursing students. airisX can supply remote nurse support from CGFNS college graduated nurses that have passed the NCLEX per the State required. Nurses are also available to work with many other jurisdictions globally, so please contact us with your requirements and we can assemble the proper team for your needs. Our medical support staff can work with sensitive insurance and health records, as well as hospital or clinic scheduling, support, and billing issues.

  • IT and Software DEvelopment

    IT and Software Development: airisX provides a full suite of technology related staff to companies globally. We have IT support personnel, web and mobile app development. A small sampling of available skills: UI and UX design, Javascript, Node.js, C/C++, Java, iOS and Android, Server Administration (Windows and Linux), Database design and administration, and Python. Additionally, a host of telecom services from Network Operations Center, Network Engineering, RF design.

  • More

    If you don’t see your needed skill listed, don’t worry! Due to space constraints, it just isn’t feasible to list all of our capabilities here. Just contact us to let us know what skills you need, and we’d be more than happy to build a solution for your specific requirements.


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