Shenzhen Manufacturing Facility

airisX has a full factory facility in Baoan, Shenzhen, China. In total we have about 1900 square meters of combined mix use space. This covers everything from our tooling and metal shop to our assembly floor to quality control to our offices. This factory is the main driving force behind the airisX manufacturing solution, and allows airisX to offer a comprehensive end-to-end complete ecommerce solution.

Assembly and Packaging Lines

airisX provides full assembly and packaging services. We have 2 large lines that can support multiple client runs at any time and is expandable to manage even the largest runs. Our team is adept at quick set-up, turn around, and shipping of your product. Please note, the airisX factory gets very busy in the lead up to Christmas, so the earlier you get your orders in, the better to ensure delivery to your fulfillment centers.

airisX agreements are strict on how we interact with client information and products. airisX doesn’t cut corners on quality, utilizing only the approved materials on the Bill of Material (BOM), doesn’t disclose Intellectual Property (IP), would never secretly make product overruns for domestic sales or any of the many other methods unreputable manufacturers have burned businesses over the years. Our agreements are very strict on the use and creation of products. Additionally, all agreements are with our actual company, in Hong Kong where the rule of law is upheld, and backed by the entirety of our global operations.

Quality Control

To maintain superior Quality in outputted products, airisX has a suite of testing equipment and a dedicated facility within the factory for testing each and every item that we produce. Since airisX Make’s contract manufacturing tests 100% of produced products, we ensure that shipped products will have a much lower failure and return rate than industry averages. Subpar units are identified and retooled or scraped at the point of production, rather than shipped to you customers.

A brief (and incomplete) list of QC equipment:
USB test rack
Calibrated scale weights
Speaker/Headphone output tester
Timed operations benches

Tooling and Plastic Injection Molding

airisX has a full metal fabrication shop where we work on customer dies and tooling for our 18 plastic injection molding machines. We maintain a full stockpile or various plastics for blending to customer specifications, so can meet customer needs for colors, textures, and poly blends. Having this capability in-house allows airisX to more control both quality of output and turnaround time of customer orders since products can go directly from molding to assembly to quality control to packaging to shipping.

Office: Design, Sourcing, Logistics

airisX can do a lot in house, but if your product needs externally sourced parts, our excellent team finds them and ensures they arrive in time for assembly. Additionally, this team manages full orders and delivery from 3rd party factories as well. With our extensive warehouse space, we also are able to combine multiple orders and manage all shipping to fulfillment centers globally, ensuring the best costs for shipping and delivery.

The on-site fabrication shop is also instrumental in our ability to prototype customer projects internally.

All these capabilities are leveraged in our comprehensive ecommerce solution.


airisX has solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation with us, so go ahead and