Survey Services

In a corporate setting, feedback is very important in improving products and services of your company. Whatever the customers say will be crucial to the success and profitability of your company. Getting customer feedback entails a lot of data and information gathering. But all that collecting can be overwhelming if your company does not have the experience and knowledge on how to go about with data collection. This is where you can rely on the help of a survey services provider such as airisX.

Conducting surveys encompasses a lot of activities. It revolves around customers, products, and the company itself. They are conducted for the purpose of uncovering answers to certain questions. Surveys are designed to gather opinions, comments, and feedback about your products or services. Surveys can be crucial to making business decisions. Most of the time, it can be critical in helping your business keep in touch with the competition. At airisX, we have a team who can assist you in conducting surveys. Here are some of the survey services that you can get from airisX.

Manage customer feedback

Customer feedback is important to the success of your business. Our survey team can help you get unbiased feedback from your existing customers. We do not just rely on “gut feelings” but on honest opinions based on analyzed results. From our collected data, you can address areas of importance to your business.

Offer promo codes for recent purchases

Promo codes are effective for boosting your brand and monitor your marketing ROI. They can also help increase your online followers. airisX can help design a promo code for recent purchases of your customers. Promo codes can be effectively integrated into your marketing strategy as they can help collect customer information and qualify sales leads.

Market surveys/research for new products

A study conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that 80% of new products fail due to lack of preparation. In addition, the study also revealed that less than 3% of new consumer goods surpass first year sales of $50 million, considered the benchmark of a highly successful launch. airisX surveyors can help ensure that a new product you are planning to launch will be fully ready. At airisX, our team will get the opinion and feedback of customers about their readiness for the new product you are launching.

Customer satisfaction

The success of your business lies on keeping customers happy. It is more expensive to find new customers than retain existing ones. Our survey services are designed to identify possible flaws in your product that can drive away customers from your business. We can also conduct surveys that will reveal customer satisfaction rates of your competitors. At airisX, we believe that a satisfied customer is a loyal one.


Customer needs are constantly evolving and you want your business offerings to stay updated with these changes. Surveys can help gauge customer expectations and demands so that you can tweak your product offering in order to keep your customers happy and boost sales and profits.


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