The Biggest E-Commerce Holidays and Sales Events In The US Online Sellers Should Get Ready For

When it comes to holiday shopping, the first thing that always comes to mind is Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Events like these provide online sellers with an opportunity to boost their sales. In 2017, Cyber Monday registered a record $6.59 billion in digital transactions, according to Adobe Insights. The amount represents a 16.8 percent increase from 2016, making Cyber Monday the largest online shopping day in US history. Mobile devices had a huge contribution to that record sales, according to Adobe, registering $2 billion worth of sales.

As an online seller, it is important for you to know the biggest e-commerce holidays in the United States. This way, it will help you plan your roadmap for E-commerce holidays. Online sales continue to grow and there is no sign of slowing down. Although Amazon collared 40% of last year’s Holiday sales, there are still a huge chunk of the ecommerce pie up for grabs. So with that in mind, here are the biggest ecommerce holidays in the US that you should prepare for. These events are based from 2017 figures.

Valentine’s Day

It is worth noting that Valentine’s Day is not just celebrated by couples. It will also be good if you will offer products targeting the single people. Data from the US Census revealed that there are 107 million American singles which accounts for 45% of the adult population. These singles are willing to consume and are more impulsive.  Singles celebrate with their families, friends, or with themselves. For couples, jewelry still remains the biggest seller reaching $5 billion in 2017.

Earth Day

More and more consumers are now considering sustainability when shopping online. More than 65 consumers are willing to shell out cash for products associated with environmental and social causes. So if you have items like solar-powered lamps, organic cleaning supplies, or reusable food wraps, you have a chance of attracting new and potentially loyal customers.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is that one time in the year when we show appreciation for the selfless act of love of our moms. Most shopping is done immediately before the holiday so it is important for those deals to still be going up to the big day.

Father’s Day

Just like our moms, fathers deserve to be honored and appreciated for taking you on your first haircut, picking you up on your first date, or giving you the keys to your new car. In 2017, 33% of Father’s Day sales were done online and amounted in the $15 billion range. Suggested gifts for this day include electronic items, tools, and apparel.


Most consumers do their back-to-school shopping three weeks to a month before opening. Make sure that you have products that caters to both parents and students alike. The former will be shopping for the best deals while the latter for fashionable items and gadgets.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

The 2018 Black Friday saw online shoppers spending $6.22 billion, which is a 23.6% increase from last year. With consumers now less willing to elbow their way through a Best Buy lineup and more inclined to shop without leaving their homes, 2018 Black Friday saw a drop in foot traffic in department stores.  

Green Monday

Held during the second Monday of December, Green Monday originally started as eBay’s way of advertising their biggest sales day of the month. Other retailers adopted it as the last day for shoppers to buy and get an assurance that their gifts will arrive in time for the Holidays.

Free Shipping Day

Held every 15th of December, this offers shoppers an opportunity to attract Holiday shoppers. The 2017 Pulse of the Online Shopper conducted by UPS revealed that 47% of online shoppers consider free shipping as the most important checkout option. Free Shipping Day is an opportunity for consumers to avoid busy lines and expensive shipping costs.

Super Saturday

Super Saturday is held during the last Saturday before Christmas. It attracts more than 150 million shoppers rushing to make their last-minute shopping for the perfect gift.

Amazon’s Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day started in 2015 as part of Amazon’s 20th anniversary. The inaugural Prime Day was just one day as it attempted to overtake Black Friday as the sales event of the year. It is usually the best time of the year to buy an Amazon device, where Prime members can get amazing deals on Amazon devices and Alexa-enabled products like Echo smart speakers, Fire TV, and Fire tablets. Prime members can also get amazing deals on Whole Foods products by downloading the app and scanning the Prime Code.

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