airisX was founded by a team of International Experts to bring together various business services into a complete and cohesive solution to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to access to lower costs and higher efficiencies by utilizing the same global networks and partners that major companies use to compete in today’s ultra competitive landscape. We have teams across Asia, Europe and the Americas, available to meet your business’s diverse needs with custom solutions. Our company combines over 100 years of collective international and global business experience in its founding team, and we are always expanding our capabilities to better serve our business clients.

Terry Woltman

CEO, Co-Founder
Terry has a wide breadth of experience in both technical and leadership roles, overseeing large telecom deployments in the US, financial back-office systems for retailers and financial institutions, and large scale outsource projects as Global Transformation Manager for Ericsson. His diverse background has taken him all over North America, Latin America and Asia.


Haumin heads up the airisX Business Services department to ensure the efficient transition of processes from internal client resources to the airisX Task and Staff teams, as well as delivery of products via our Shenzhen contract manufacturing team, where he is primarily based. He travels extensively between his hometown of New York and throughout Asia. He is an expert in managing cross border teams and projects globally.


 Service Delivery Manager
Redmon has extensive experience working within the outsource industry, both as an Agent and in Management. He works to support each airisX client’s bespoke solution to meet their individual requirements, including partnering with clients for continuous solutions and services that are within the SLA and metrics of each contract.


Branding Project Manager
Sima graduated with Master’s degree in Information Technology – Ecommerce and has extensive experience in technical Telecom project management. Her background includes branding management in the international space, never failing to develop good relationship with the target market. Here at airisX, she specializes in marketing management, consultation, and planning to ensure clients’ goals are met and their KPI is fulfilled.

Sam De Rivera

Service Delivery Project Manager
Sam has experience working with across business services companies including West Contact Services, Teletech, Thomson Reuters, and Service Source International, among others. Sam oversees US and European contract management and team goals, productivity and targets per campaign. Builds and executes business plans for each client’s custom solution.