While working with Chinese and Western startups, SMEs, and ecommerce brands as consultants on manufacturing, outsourcing, and ecommerce projects, business partners Terry Woltman and Haumin Lum discovered that rapidly growing and disruptive international startups in the ecommerce space often struggle with managing and scaling back office/customer support teams to support their rapid growth and sales. They quickly learned that while many companies need a customer support team, not everyone knows how to build and manage one.

With a team in place and a new vision, airisX was founded in 2016, with offices established in Manila, the Philippines and Shenzhen, China. It didn’t take long for some of the world’s most disruptive and creative ecommerce brands and startups to seek us out for our unique expertise in scaling and growing startups, trusting us with key business processes in order to focus on core business growth and innovation.

The airisX team combines over 100 years of collective international and global business experience in its founding team, and we are always expanding our capabilities to better serve our business clients.

Terry Woltman

CEO, Co-Founder
Terry has a wide breadth of experience in both technical and leadership roles, overseeing large telecom deployments in the US, financial back-office systems for retailers and financial institutions, and large scale outsource projects as Global Transformation Manager for Ericsson. His diverse background has taken him all over North America, Latin America and Asia.


Haumin heads up the airisX Business Services department to ensure the efficient transition of processes from internal client resources to the airisX Task and Staff teams, as well as delivery of products via our Shenzhen contract manufacturing team, where he is primarily based. He travels extensively between his hometown of New York and throughout Asia. He is an expert in managing cross border teams and projects globally.


Service Delivery Manager
Redmon has extensive experience working within the outsource industry, both as an Agent and in Management. He works to support each airisX client’s bespoke solution to meet their individual requirements, including partnering with clients for continuous solutions and services that are within the SLA and metrics of each contract.


Senior Service Deliver Manage
Sima graduated with Master’s degree in Information Technology – Ecommerce and has extensive experience in technical Telecom project management. Her background includes branding management in the international space, never failing to develop good relationship with the target market. Here at airisX, she specializes in marketing management, consultation, and planning to ensure clients’ goals are met and their KPI is fulfilled.

Dann Sienes

Recruitment Manager
Dann has more than 12 years of experience in Recruitment, Human Resources Management, Business Development with Lean Six Sigma Training background. Dann is well‐versed in all phases of recruitment including but not limited to defining job roles, developing salary metrics, assessing, qualifying and evaluating candidates. Prior to joining airisX, Dann is used to work at Cobalt Outsourcing, Streamline Group Service and Tycolux Inc. as Recruitment & HR Managers.

Jerwin Faller

Business Finance Analyst
Jerwin is a seasoned Treasury Manager with 18 years of experience, including managing teams that perform a wide range of job duties and responsibilities. Manages the financial resources of the company to ensure healthy cash flows and mitigate risk exposures and ensures prompt trade Accounts Receivable collections and oversight of all Accounts Payable.